My Son Sanctuary

My Son Sanctuary is one of the most interesting places in the central region of Viet Nam. Owning many ancient temples with particular style of architecture, containing values in terms of history and culture of ancient Cham Kingdom, what makes this location became a famous tourist attraction and attracts a lot of visitors. It takes about 30 minutes by car to get to My Son Sanctuary from Alani Hotel.

Located in a valley has an area of more than 2 hactares, surrounded by the green color of the mountains and the forests, guests can get a breath of fresh air in rural areas. All the Great Temple and Small Temple worship the symbol of Linga and other gods with elaborately carved. Once enter each temple it is pleasantly cool, banish the harh sunshine of Central Viet Nam. In addition, on the way here, guests can visit Marian Shrine Of the Lady of Tra Kieu- formerly the capital of the Cham Kingdom.
Guests wil be spoilt checkin when visiting the Tra Kieu parish church with the beautiful campus. Culinary experience seen to be an integral part of each traveler, guests will enjoy a variety of local specialties also known as the spriritual food of homeland as: Quang Style noodles, Crushed rice cracker, Pork skewers,… This trip will be a very attractive and newfangled experience for all guests. Alani Hotel also provides car-booking services and tours.

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